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Welcome! This is a list of Unreal players who abuse the game or other players.
Also listed is their range of IP addresses. The IP addresses are here for banning purposes.
Players are listed in order of naughtyness, worst being listed first.

Player list
Player Name Other known names Charge Known Range(s)
(Klingon)_PackLeader "Your_worst_nightmare", "Pygmy_Puss",
"I_AM_Dynamic", "BlueSkyBoy", "Hehehe",
plus many more.
Server Crashing, Impersonation,
Spamming, Antagonizing -
"Bloodspunge" "Tim_theNailGunSlut", Hacking, Impersonation,
Antagonizing - - - - - -

"Sephiroth" Unknown Spamming, Antagonizing, -

"DemonChild*GS*" Many Spamming, Antagonizing, -

"(Clan)DarkWizzard" Unknown Spamming, -

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