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Well folks, it has come to my attention that Nalicity no longer hosts Unreal1 Maps :-(.
So I will have to use FilePlanet for most of the map links until I find something better. Sorry....

Here are some of my favorite user maps. I will occasionally run these on my server,
so please download them from these links before you join the server (If im running them).
If you need to join my server, please download the current map(s) I am running
from the links below, then scroll to the bottom of the page for the server password. Thank you.

Maps (Linked to other sites)
Name Author Link Description
Tower of Shrakith'a Geoff Field
"Mad Martigan"
Shrakitha Very nicely done
level pack. Beautiful map
design, great AI script
great story and puzzles!
A must-download! (7 Megs)
Apocolypse Threat Crescent Moon Software Apoc Another Level pack with
new music :). Level design is O.K.
Some new textures are also added.
There are some groovy secrets
to be found. :) (7 megs)
Panic2 Atomic Pop Panic2 Total map conversion for Unreal.
It is a music-oriented setting. Battling
against an evil record company (?)
All new textures, classes, weapons,
and sounds!. Some nice
interactivity. Level Design is mediocre.
And it's bloody
huge! But definitly worth it! (22 megs)
Invasion DeCyber DecyberInvasion A great level pack (5 megs)
Hexephet Grayson Edge Hexephet Two nicely designed levels.
Alien setting with a huge Skaarj
mining ship. Reminiscent of the Extreme
and Nyleve levels from Unreal.
Great job! (4 megs)
Xerania's Fall DeCyber Xerania Great Level pack(4 megs)
StrangeWorld David Munnich StrangeWorld Wonderful level pack. Features goodies
such as railguns, cannons, and more!
Great level design. A MUST PLAY!(8 megs)


To install maps just unzip .unr files to your Unreal/Maps folder.
Unzip .utx files to your Unreal/Textures folder.
Unzip .umx files to your Unreal/Music folder.
Unzip .uax files to your Unreal/Sounds folder.
Unzip .u and .int files to your Unreal/System folder.

Don't have an unzipping utility? Click here to download WinZip!


I need to put a password on the server when I run custom maps. Why?
Because it will take you forever to download them directly from my Unreal server
and it causes mucho lag for the players already in there.
So please be considerate of other players in the server!
It will be much quicker for you to download them from this site! Trust me.
Once you have downloaded and installed the maps, you may join my passworded
server by using the following console command:
open ( make sure you replace with my ip address and xxxxx with the password of the day!)

If you don't understand, find someone who does.

Today's password is zoneinfo

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