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Welcome to the KAOS klan website!

The best game EVER!

Click HERE for the maps and server password.

You have reached the KAOS Unreal Klan. Hi, I am your host
and Klan Leader KOOPA888. I run a cooperative Unreal server with custom
mods and other fun stuff. If you would like to be an admin or join the
klan, plz come see me at my server :). This page is under construction
, so don't expect much yet. I am just learning this stuff :P
Any help would be greatly appreciated! This page is in its beta stage.


10/17/09: Moved to klankaos.com. You're welcome Koopa.
12/2/02: Added a screen shots page. I only have 12 for now, but lots more will
be coming. I'll fix the brightness on the darker ones. (I already have,
it's just a matter of uploading them.

12/1/02: New member, BootyChick*0 joined! Welcome to the family!! :)

12/1/02: Started updating the site for the first time since its conception.
I have to decided to start having clan matches again, its just a matter of when and who. 1